The Bialetti brand is a name that is found in the kitchens of Italians for more than 80 years and has products that have been improved on as the years have progressed.  The Moka express is fantastic for preparing the freshest and tastiest espresso using the pre-infused pressure method.  We recommend that you grind beans fresh for each use.  Check out the Bialetti manual grinder.

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  • patented safety valve
  • distinctive octagonal shape
  • Only water is needed for cleaning
  • Available in 2, 3, 4, 6 cup

How to use

Start by pouring room-temperature but do not exceed the indicated water level or your coffee will be too watery. Pour water into the Moka boiler until it reaches the safety valve.

Fill the Moka funnel generously, without pressing down on the coffee.

Put the Moka on the stove.

A little secret? Set the flame to low and take your time—great coffee is worth the wait.

When you hear the gurgle, it means your coffee is ready. Take it off the burner … and enjoy.

Moka Pot

Additional information

Cup Size

2 Cup, 3 Cup, 4 Cup, 6 Cup


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