Coffee Beans Decaf


Experience a delicious single origin quality Arabica bean roasted to perfection by Bean Authentic roasters.


We keep small quantities in stock to always ensure the “freshness” of our products.

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We prefer coffee that is decaffeinated using a water-based decaffeination processes as opposed to a Methylene Chloride Process.  This process uses water and relies on time and temperature whereas the solvent decaffeination method first treats the coffee bean with steam to draw the caffeine from the inner coffee bean to the outer surface area of the bean. Thereafter the Methylene Chloride is applied directly to the beans as a chemical solvent to remove the caffeine.  Yes, we know preference is a personal choice but see for yourself.

Coffee Beans Decaf

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1kg, 250g


Aeropress, Coffee press/plunger, Filter grind, Home espresso grind, Moka pot, Turkish, Wholebeans


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