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Infusion Coffee Shop started as a dream of a husband and wife team, Anthony and Chanelle Snell who loved the atmosphere of the independent coffee shops they frequently visited and wanted one of their own. 

Their love for fresh quality coffee and great service lead to them embarking on their journey of starting Infusion Coffee Shop.  

Important to them is offering their customers an awesome cup of coffee and great service.  Factors they feel are vital for this is the quality of the product, the taste sensation and the need to always improve.

They started their journey in the events industry in May 2017 and as they say, the rest in history.  

Meet the team



Do you perhaps have what we are looking for.  


Looking for at least 2-3 years’ experience, passion for coffee  industry and serving others, accuracy and attention to detail, experience in events industry is advantageous, problem solving and troubleshooting skills.


Maybe your photo will be here next.  


Send your CV to employment@infusioncoffee.co.za




If you have the pleasure of chatting to Ambrosia, she’ll share her joy in being part of the Infusion Coffee family and learning about coffee.  She has always enjoyed a good cup of coffee and with a keen interest in coffee, it was no surprise that she would venture into the coffee industry.

Ambrosia has gained experience as a cashier and has been acquiring the skills of a great barista.  She enjoys watching YouTube videos to learn more and improve her skills. She admits to not yet mastering the skill of latte art but “practice makes perfect” so she keeps trying.

She loves working alongside her colleagues seeing familiar customers return daily and drinking cappuccinos every morning.

Random fact: Ambrosia is a budding visual artist who loves photography, drawing and is fascinated about film making.

Favourite coffee drink(s): Cappuccino and Mocha


Business Development & Communication

The thing anyone who has met Chanelle will be able to tell you is, that she loves to chat and get to know people.  She thrives on hearing feedback on the products and service.  She believes in constructive criticism as it is the stepping stone to improving on their offering.  Market research is key to decision making in the business and has guided product line decisions.

Chanelle has more than twenty two years experience in her field and daily applies the nuggets of wisdom she acquired throughout her career.  She has a passion for serving others and making that personal connection through conversation.

Random fact: Chanelle loves to colour in and ironically, her favourite  colouring book is titled “Be still and know “.

Favourite coffee drink(s): Americano, Cappuccino, Flat White & Hazelnut Choc Frappe


Human Resources & Operations

Anyone that has interacted with Anthony will describe him as reliable and someone who gets the job done.  One of his favourite things to say when a problem is encountered, is that “here is an opportunity” not a problem.  These qualities serves him well in his area of responsibility being Human Resources and Operations.  He has a passion for precision in what he does and believes in integrity and fairness in business. 

Anthony has more than twenty seven years experience in his field.  He liaises frequently with our micro roaster, as he is as passionate about serving great quality coffee as we are. 

Random fact: Anthony loves woodwork and has completed quite a few kitchen renovations.

Favourite coffee drink(s): Americano, Cappuccino and Flat White
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